Photography Cred: J  osh schaedel

Photography Cred: Josh schaedel

Happy Hour Agency is a Los Angeles based creative agency making and sharing ideas that are collaborative, wacky, and fun. We create sensory experiences powered by curiosity and our insights in the worlds of booze, design, art, and community. We are transparent in our values, bold in our vision and aim to pour these principles into each of our projects.

Currently, we host a conceptual cocktail pop-up every few months in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. We also offer our services to other likeminded organizations looking for a good time. Learn more about each of us below. 


Irene Martinez is an L.A. based mixologist by way of Phoenix. She is the founder of boutique cocktail company Craft Event Services and The Tamale Shoppe. You can usually find Irene walking the aisles of an Asian or Mexican market, picking through spices or looking for new ingredients and flavors to play with. Irene's drinks are fresh, complex, and bold. 

Eliana Dominguez is a designer and artist living and working in Los Angeles. Eliana has always loved food, drink, and travel. If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve probably eaten at a restaurant she’s had a hand in branding.

Connie Shen works in events and marketing and is a sometimes writer based in Los Angeles. She is interested in creating provocative content and immersive experiences that make people just the right amount of uncomfortable. She currently works at the Haus of Strauss, Levi’s Entertainment Marketing headquarters.